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Book Reviews

I am a bookaholic in its truest form. I love to read them, buy them, collect them, and I am almost never without one at any moment of the day. My Kindle is my best friend, and I often find myself torn between using her or cashing in on one of the many coupons Borders sends me multiple times a week.

Some people have cats, I have books. Some do drugs, I read. Some people go to lunch with friends, I eat lunch with the characters within the pages of a book.

One word of advice: never interrupt me while I’m reading. Unless, of course, it’s to talk about books!

********************************BOOK REVIEWS******************************

02.14.11 Sweet Reviews

02.12.11 Drivers, Start Your Engines

10.21.10 Harlequin Quickie

10.15.10 Hot Chemistry, Chilly Suspense

10.08.10 Harlequin Blaze: Shiver

10.01.10 Book Cover Embarrassment

09.24.10 An Unofficial Book Review

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