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Harlequin Quickie

October 21, 2010

I recently read Closer… by Jo Leigh and I wanted to briefly share my thoughts about it. Ready? Okay!*

I INHALED this book! I bought it on my Kindle early Saturday evening and stayed up until I finished around midnight on Sunday. Even though it’s categorized as a Blaze title, I thought with the amount of hair-raising suspense that it could have easily been a Harlequin Intrigue. Category aside, Closer… was enthralling and literally a page-turner.

SYNOPSIS: Christie’s life is all-but destroyed, thanks to a persistent stalker. She’s lost her friends, her family, her job and almost her dog thanks to this unknown psycho and she’s finally reached her breaking point. While preparing to run away she comes across a phone number her deceased brother left her in case of an emergency. With nothing else to lose, Christie dials the number and ex-Delta Force and currently under-the-radar Boone comes knockin’ on her door.

Boone promises Christie that he’ll help catch this creep and moves in with Christie to drive the stalker crazy and, in essence, out of his weasel hole. Attempts on both Boone’s and Christie’s lives are made, and amidst trying to catch the bad guy the two of them begin to fall for each other.

Christie and Boone are strong-willed and honest characters and the chemistry between them is hot and enviable. With a surprising twist that complicates things even more, readers will be on edge in anticipation of how things will end!

*I apologize for the cheerleader pun. I was a rah-rah girl (aka cheerleader) in high school and the cheers slip out from time to time.

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