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Victory Cupcake

September 3, 2009

Yesterday was my first field reporting assignment. The topic: cover an endorsement rally at City Hall put together by Caribbean Americans in support of Bill Thompson, New York’s mayoral Candidate. After the previous day’s in-class assignment (You remember, the bio bomb) I knew I had to knock this one out of the park. Fortunately, a friend of mine was covering the same event so we looked to each other for moral support. On the subway ride over, we were both frightened little lambs. Despite being extremely nervous, we arrived super early (try almost an hour and a half).

Cut to right before the rally. I had three seamless interviews under my belt, and felt much lighter and confident. The next hour flew by. I took notes, made observations, and remembered distinctive quotes. I even sparked up enough courage to approach the candidate personally. As I was leaving I thought to myself that it couldn’t have gone better, especially considering that almost 10 other j-schoolers showed up to do the same story. Talk about competition. Luckily, I got interviews from people before they did.

Take that, patronizing braggarts!

When I arrived back in the newsroom it was bedlam and chaos; power chords in tangled heaps, scribbled-in notebooks scattered on tables, the frantic and speedy sound of fingers typing on keyboards. I soon joined the masses and got down to work. I had a 500 words limit and a 5 0’clock deadline.
At 4:57 I hit “send” and let out the deep breath I didn’t realize I had been holding.

Even though I’m expecting my article to be bleeding red when handed back to me, I hope that my first draft grade reflects how hard I worked because I busted my ass to compensate for the day before.

After handing in their articles everyone (myself included) scattered from the newsroom like roaches in the light. On my way to the subway I stopped at a restaurant across the street and bought a gigantic cupcake to celebrate surviving my first reporting gig. I smiled as I sank my teeth into the gooey cupcake, tasting sweet, sweet victory.
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